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Our Story

In 2009, Jen sold her company IdealBite to Disney just as Amanda was launching DailyWorth, a digital media platform that followed a similar business model.

Amanda cold-called Jen to ask her to be her mentor and give her a blueprint for similar success. Despite Jen’s best attempts at ignoring Amanda, soon enough Jen became Amanda’s business coach and equity-holding advisor.

Jen and Amanda now share 20 years experience building businesses, digital platforms, and progressive movements that have touched millions of humans. 

Jen’s mastery in branding, marketing and PR combined with Amanda’s financial and tech-savvy make them a passionate powerhouse when they’re not arguing about the right way to “frame a problem.”

Jen enjoys making fun of Amanda’s horrible design choices. Amanda retaliates by burying Jen in technical and financial details.

Together, Jen and Amanda run HigherU, a learning & development company that offers advanced business training for movement builders.


Jen Boulden

Jen Boulden

After many lessons learned from a decade spent running marketing for NYC Internet startups, Boulden received a “green MBA” on full scholarship from GWU. Upon graduating with honors, she co-founded Ideal Bite in 2005, a daily email dedicated to “light green living.” The media venture grew rapidly by leveraging private equity capital, good business & branding sense, and a deep passion for building a movement. Within 3 years, Ideal Bite was acquired by The Walt Disney Company for $20M. After serving as a Vice President at Disney for a couple of years, then running various companies for others, Boulden shifted gears to have babies on her farm in Santa Barbara county. She believes her greatest contribution is to work with promising leaders who can be a counterforce to our outmoded capitalistic structure via ‘conscious capitalism.’ 

Amanda Steinberg

Amanda Steinberg

Amanda’s founded multiple businesses across finance, media, and politics. Since 1999, she launched her first digital agency serving progressive non-profits and mission-based businesses. In 2009, she founded DailyWorth, a startup focused on women’s financial prosperity. As CEO of DailyWorth, she raised $9M in venture capital and grew its audience to 1.2M email subscribers. DailyWorth was acquired by HerMoney Media in 2017. She then joined Revolution Messaging as CFO/CRO through its sale to Upland Software. Most recently, she led digital fundraising for Marianne Williamson for President. She’s a graduate of Columbia University with a degree in Urban Studies. Based in Philadelphia, she’s raising two tweenage children while caring for two large, orange Maine Coon cats.

HigherU Podcast

Does Your Voice Match Your Vision?

Season 1, Episode 1

Do You Run Your Business Or Does Your Business Run You?

As a visionary, your ideas are always expanding. When you're ambitious, "success" is a moving target. To lead often means making significant personal sacrifices.

That is...until you hit a breaking point and say...


You've worked too hard and too long to continue making these sacrifices.

It's time to apply precision to your vision, bring more liquidity to your finances, and prioritize your relationships. 

But how? How do you get off the hamster wheel of money and time without blowing up what you've built or letting anyone down?

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