Market Your Movement™

A Premiere Online Training Program for Social Change Leaders & Marketers

If you’re a social change leader in-the-making ready to build your movement and create a digital marketing funnel, then this online training course is for you.

Nowhere else will you get this quality of live business coaching, proprietary tools, and powerful worksheets developed from our 20 years of experience.

In developing our digital marketing course, we came together to galvanize your movement with our knowledge to advance us towards a just, humane, sustainable world.

This is the moment for your movement.

Let’s do this, together.

“HigherU’s training course guided me out beyond my comfort zone, leading to a huge breakthrough in how I position my brand. Now it has a much greater appeal, and my tribe has expanded by leaps and bounds.”

– David Newman, Musician


“I finally feel like I am learning marketing principles with a rigor and depth that make me want to keep learning, instead of piece-mealing online trainings and endless webinars that make me feel like I need to take a shower.”

– Liz Kimball, March 2020 HigherU Cohort



In 12 weeks, we help you design, build and launch a digital growth machine that’s mission-aligned and in-tune with a “global reset”.

Learn from two of the nation’s most successful social movement marketers.

Position your brand for maximum resonance in the context of the current global reset.

Build a digital marketing funnel to 10x your tribe, your income and your impact.

Here’s how we do that…

Market Your Movement™ isn’t theory where we talk and you listen.
It’s a collaborative learning and implementation program.

First, we work with you to articulate how your brand fits into a larger movement.
One benefit of building a movement – not just a brand – is that you can tap into larger social current as a growth mechanism.

Next, we help you hone your unique value proposition – both in how you serve individuals and
broader social change.
Does what you do resonate with your “sweet spot” audience?

Then, we show you exactly how to create a Lead Magnet – a captivating (and data capturing!)
free experience for potential tribe members.
This Lead Magnet will be a clear extension of your brand, a contribution to your larger movement, and serve as a “warm open” to a relationship with your newest tribe members.

While we spend multiple weeks building your Lead Magnet, in parallel we’re showing you how to plan your launch, construct a landing page and nurture sequence, and the analytics you need to measure growth.

This immersive process is done in collaboration with your esteemed classmates.

Why we are the experts you need:

Two women. Two movements. Two million email subscribers.

Jen Boulden founded IdealBite, an environmental media company which she scaled to 900,000 subscribers and then sold to Disney for $20M.

In 2009, Amanda Steinberg founded DailyWorth, a startup focused on elevating women’s role in our economy.

Amanda hired Jen as her coach to learn how Jen leveraged email marketing for success. It worked! Amanda grew DailyWorth to 1.2 million subscribers, and sold the company to HerMoney Media in 2017. Both IdealBite and DailyWorth were—at their core—movements that grew by growing their email lists.

Are We a Match?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure HigherU and Market Your Movement™ are the right fit?

Easy, if you have a current business or nonprofit with social-change underpinnings (meaning: it strives to make the world better in its own way), then we can help you define, articulate, launch, grow, and track your movement’s progress.

How much time do I need to set aside for classes and coursework each week?

Class is 75 minutes each week. Additionally, you need at least 2 hours weekly for watching our pre-recorded lessons and doing your homework. (Note: each class builds on the prior, and you will benefit greatly by keeping up.)

Lastly, we offer weekly “Office Hours” where you can pop into our virtual office to discuss anything you need.

Are there office hours too?

Yes! Both Jen and Amanda will be hosting weekly drop-in Office Hours on Zoom each week that class is in session.

While these sessions are in no way mandatory, pop-in Office Hours are a great way to get extra 1-on-1 business coaching with our marketing masters as part of the class experience.

During Office Hours, Amanda and Jen will willingly apply their expertise to any questions you might bring about how to do your homework, how to better build your business, or how to manage your class workload.  What they discuss during the hour is entirely up to whomever shows up.

Can I access the course and training materials anytime I want?

Yes, we give you our worksheets and you make them yours. At the end of our digital marketing course, you have everything you need to execute a brilliant marketing campaign that will grow your email list, strengthen your brand and motivate action.

What is the tuition cost for Market Your Movement™ ?

The tuition for this digital marketing course and coaching is $2695 upfront (a savings of $290), or you can pay $995 per month for three consecutive months. This is an all-inclusive price, meaning there are no additional or hidden fees for things like course materials or software.

What if the training doesn’t work for me – can I get a refund?

Our Guarantee: You may repeat the course and online training at no cost if you attended 80% of classes and completed 80% of the assignments. After taking Market Your Movement™ a second time, if you still feel that the training and business coaching fell short, we will issue you a full refund.

I don’t have a business yet – will HigherU training still work?

In order to qualify for our Market Your Movement™ training course, you need to have a business plan at least for your concept (and some money in the bank is helpful as well). 

Is this is the kind of training program where I think I'm getting access to the advertised experts and then that's not the case?

Nope, we personally lead each class, and we also host weekly office hours for feedback and workshopping live alongside you.

Do I need to attend class at certain times? What if I need to miss a class or two?

Yes, the classes are live, hosted online through Zoom.

The June Cohort is meeting on Thursdays 12 – 1:15  PM ET.

Also, we distribute the recordings of class sessions each Friday.

Can I go faster and complete the digital marketing program in less than 12 weeks?

We teach A TON in each online class, and each class is LIVE. Three months is the minimum amount of time you will need to launch pitch-perfect cause marketing for your movement.

How many people are in each Market Your Movement™ live class?

We cap each online class to ensure you get time to get feedback on your concepts and your work, both from your cohort and the founders, and so that you get your questions answered. (IE: We are not one of those online training courses with hundreds of people in a class and with no personalized attention.) 

Can more than 1 person from my company attend? Do we each need our own log-in?

Because we ensure that everyone gets personalized attention and support, we cannot allow more than 1 person from each organization to participate.

If you have a circumstance where it’s imperative that you bring your marketing lead as well, contact us for special bundled pricing.

What is your deal with Alpacas and disco balls?

Amanda flew in from Philly to visit Jen in Santa Barbara farm country, and while there she developed an obsession with a neighbor’s alpaca. Jen promised Amanda that when HigherU hit a certain revenue goal she’d buy Amanda an alpaca, and they’d throw a party . . . and every good party needs a disco ball. Make sense? (Don’t answer that.)

Market Your Movement™ Curriculum


Let’s Get Moving:
What exactly is a ​movement?​ We get this question all the time, so we’ll explore what movement building means in the context of marketing (and selling), and what it means to YOU.


Prep For Primetime:
Gaining movement traction requires getting the right message to the right person at the right time. ​It’s part art, part science, and we’re going to help you crack the code.


Lead Magnet Development – Part I:
What digital gift can you provide your target audience that gives your tribe a sense of what you do, and why you’re great? Choose one that will delight your tribe and position you as a movement leader.


Lead Magnet Development – Part II:
Match your tribe’s biggest need with a digital “user experience” that fulfills it.


Bust Up Your Bubble:
Validate your “movement magnet” by soliciting feedback to talk with the ones who REALLY matter: members of your tribe. Does your idea resonate? How do you make sure you’re growing your tribe and not just preaching to the choir (a.k.a. bubble)?


Destination – Landing Page:
A landing page is a stand-alone webpage that people visit to get your lead magnet. When done right, you’ll see a vast difference in achieving your two goals: build your brand (aka: trust), and gain email subscribers.


The Magical Growth Formula:
When you know a percentage of your tribe will transact, a percentage of that income can be reinvested into growth. Learn the formula that enables limitless growth by taking qualified risks on marketing spend.



Paid Acquisition – Predictable Growth:
Prepare for growth by learning how to set up a paid acquisition campaign, starting with the mothership: Facebook.


Organic Acquisition – Burst Growth:
How can you reduce your eCPA? By layering in organic (aka: non paid) marketing into your campaign.


Your Campaign Stack:
To create your digital marketing machine, you’ll need to put together a “stack” of tech solutions. We’ll give you recommendations based on our personal experience.


Launch Like a Leader:
Follow our step-by-step plan and you’ll be ready for your launch of maximum reach with minimum headaches.


On a HIGH Note:
Lightning rounds of show-and-tell to present your top learnings and lay out what’s next for you.

“Honestly, I would have paid 5x this amount. I can’t believe the value you all provide.”

– Monick Halm, Founder, Real Estate Investor Goddesses


What is the cost of waiting?

We are in a very unique moment where we find ourselves with a bit more time, and people are anxious to connect with their tribe.
It’s a global reset.
Will you be on the sidelines or will your movement take flight and fly higher?

Amanda and Jen are powerhouses, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with them both. In fact, our P/E group invested in Jen’s green media business which we sold to Disney. I’m passionate about using the power of innovation to improve humanity, and that’s why I’m proud to offer my stamp of approval for HigherU.

Andy Russell, Pilot Group Founding Member, Trigger Media Founder

HigherU’s training course guided me out beyond my comfort zone, leading to a huge breakthrough in how I position my brand. Now it has a much greater appeal, and my tribe has expanded by leaps and bounds. They also helped me concept, design, and launch an evergreen marketing program which has been blowing away all of our prior marketing efforts. This was by far the best investment of my time and money.
David Newman, Musician

Amanda and Jen are masters at movement building.

Lynne Twist, Founder of The Soul of Money Institute