With movement marketing, you’re shifting the behaviors and opinions of large groups of people, not just selling a product. We can create a wider collective conversation than was possible before the internet, can raise more money and awareness for causes with growth-hacking methods. 

Growth Hacking for Impact + Income (2-Part Series)

Part 1 – What is Growth-Hacking for movement marketing? It’s all about optimizing the dollars invested to radically grow impact. 

  • The way in which you cultivate your audience is different than how you sell to them. How do you build a relationship before you present them with an offer? 
  • Separate the cultivation from the sales ask. Sell with a deadline, don’t be constantly putting an offer in front of them that they can buy anytime. Create “Buying moments”.
  • Discount or incentive on top of “buying moment”. Don’t just have a deadline, introduce that extra value. 

Part 2 – The Funnel. How do you start with a big pool of people and narrow it down to the right ones to get to the “buying moment”, and excite your people in the process? 

We have to keep and use a variety of tools and tactics. What works today won’t always work, or at least can’t be continuously repeated. We cover keeping things fresh with your toolkit.

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Great supplemental reading material from the Stanford Social Innovation Review covers 8 steps to unleash large- scale change. Check out the full article for a deep dive.

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