You have questions.
Jen and Amanda have answers.

HigherU provides digital marketing training + services for social movement builders.
How may we help you today?

How are you different from all the other coaches and digital marketing courses out there?
We aren’t like any other digital course or online training on the market.

First, we don’t just teach theory. We teach you how to fortify your brand, develop your email list, and build your marketing funnel over the course of our class.

Second, Jen + Amanda (the founders and course leaders) are proven experts who’ve built movements and sold three mission-driven businesses.

Now, they want to teach you – tomorrow’s social change leaders and cause marketeers – how to replicate their successes in an effort to make the world a more just, equitable, sustainable place for us to live.

How do you define a “movement”?

HigherU defines a movement as a large number of people who join together around a shared cause. A social movement is a movement with social-underpinnings to make the world measurably better.

I’m not entirely sure my business/organization has a movement to market. How can I be sure HigherU is the right fit?

Easy, if you have a current business or nonprofit with social-change underpinnings (meaning: it strives to make the world better in its own way) then we can actually help you define, articulate, launch, grow, and even track your movement’s progress.

Is HigherU right for me, personally?

Well, are you ready to turn your vision for a better tomorrow into reality? HigherU isn’t going to be for everyone but it’s perfectly suited for business bosses, activists, progressive political candidates, mission-oriented entrepreneurs, social enterprise founders, CEOs on a mission, and digital marketers supporting all of the above. 

Whether your movement is in its infancy or has a tribe of 5-million strong and you are looking to expand beyond your choir, Jen and Amanda are here to guide you – and they can, because they’ve done it successfully for their own businesses and ones they have served. 

Every step of our proven process is designed to help your brand catch fire, and take YOU higher. Drawing from their own successes – and some of their failures too – Jen and Amanda founded HigherU to ensure that all of your energies and good ideas reach scale and bring about the changes our world greatly needs. 


Why should I master my own marketing?

Cause marketing is one of the best ways we know of to ensure the sustainability of long-term missions.

At HigherU, we’ve developed three different offerings to give you the flexibility to chart the future that’s right for you and your movement. You’ll learn why social movements like yours need a serious digital marketing component and we’re here to provide you with the modern tools you’ll need to scale, expand your email list and grow organic support for your message.

Market Your Movement online training – Learn more and enroll

Build My Funnel business coaching – Contact us 

Organic xChange Platform – starting soon. 

How much does it cost?

This is TOP education, hands-on learning, personalized coaching, and access to a premiere network of mission-driven power brokers (if you qualify) for a fraction of the price of anything else comparable you’ll find in the world.

We have three different offerings, and the prices are all on the product pages found here: 

Market Your Movement online training – Learn more and enroll

Build My Funnel business coaching – Contact us 

Organic xChange Platform – starting soon. 

Can you guarantee success?

You hold the keys to your success. Bringing yourself to the HigherU community allows you to plant your seed in fertile soil, one that is custom-blended to help you unleash your full potential.  

We’ve based the HigherU online training and services off of what has worked for us and our businesses over the past two decades. We’ve watched others replicate our success when they’ve followed our advice and then put in the work. 

Our strategies are field-tested and effective, and we stand by them. That’s why if, after you’ve taken our digital marketing course twice and are still not satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked.

But lesson one at HigherU is this: you are your own greatest strength. 

What is your deal with Alpacas and disco balls?

Amanda flew in from Philly to visit Jen in Santa Barbara farm country, and while there she developed an obsession with a neighbor’s alpaca. Jen promised Amanda that when HigherU hit a certain revenue goal she’d buy Amanda an alpaca, and they’d throw a party . . . and every good party needs a disco ball. Make sense? (Don’t answer that.)