Market Your Movement™

Enrollment Details and Timeline

Market Your Movement ™ begins Thursday, June 4th. Review below to get clear about what we teach, the cost, and schedule, and then secure your spot. Spots are limited.

Step 1

Download the 12-week curriculum to ensure you’re ready to learn and implement what we teach.

Step 2

Choose the 1-time payment to save $290 or 3 monthly payments.



3 payments of $995

Step 3

 Course Schedule

  • Begins on Thursday, June 4th – 12pm-1:15pm ET
  • 12 classes over 13 weeks
  • Sunday, pre-recorded lectures delivered to Member Hub
  • Office hours are Monday 2pm-4pm ET, Wednesday, 3pm-5pm ET, Friday 12pm-1:15pm ET
  • Friday, that week’s live class recordings made available if you had to miss a class

Our Guarantee: You may repeat the course at no cost if you attended 80% of classes and completed 80% of the assignments. After taking the course a second time, if you still feel that the training fell short, we will issue a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure HigherU and Market Your Movement™ are the right fit?

Easy, if you have a current business or nonprofit with social-change underpinnings (meaning: it strives to make the world better in its own way), then we can help you define, articulate, launch, grow, and track your movement’s progress.

How much time do I need to set aside for classes and coursework each week?

Class is 75 minutes each week. Additionally, you need at least 2 hours weekly for watching our pre-recorded lessons and doing your homework. (Note: each class builds on the prior, and you will benefit greatly by keeping up.)

Lastly, we offer weekly “Office Hours” where you can pop into our virtual office to discuss anything you need.

Are there office hours too?

Yes! Both Jen and Amanda will be hosting weekly drop-in Office Hours on Zoom each week that class is in session.

While these sessions are in no way mandatory, pop-in Office Hours are a great way to get extra 1-on-1 business coaching with our marketing masters as part of the class experience.

During Office Hours, Amanda and Jen will willingly apply their expertise to any questions you might bring about how to do your homework, how to better build your business, or how to manage your class workload.  What they discuss during the hour is entirely up to whomever shows up.

Can I access the course and training materials anytime I want?

Yes, we give you our worksheets and you make them yours. At the end of our digital marketing course, you have everything you need to execute a brilliant marketing campaign that will grow your email list, strengthen your brand and motivate action.

What is the tuition cost for Market Your Movement™ ?

The tuition for this digital marketing course and coaching is $2695 upfront (a savings of $290), or you can pay $995 per month for three consecutive months. This is an all-inclusive price, meaning there are no additional or hidden fees for things like course materials or software.

What if the training doesn’t work for me – can I get a refund?

Our Guarantee: You may repeat the course and online training at no cost if you attended 80% of classes and completed 80% of the assignments. After taking Market Your Movement™ a second time, if you still feel that the training and business coaching fell short, we will issue you a full refund.

I don’t have a business yet – will HigherU training still work?

In order to qualify for our Market Your Movement™ training course, you need to have a business plan at least for your concept (and some money in the bank is helpful as well). 

Is this is the kind of training program where I think I'm getting access to the advertised experts and then that's not the case?

Nope, we personally lead each class, and we also host weekly office hours for feedback and workshopping live alongside you.

Do I need to attend class at certain times? What if I need to miss a class or two?

Yes, the classes are live, hosted online through Zoom.

The June Cohort is meeting on Thursdays 12 – 1:15  PM ET.

Also, we distribute the recordings of class sessions each Friday.

Can I go faster and complete the digital marketing program in less than 12 weeks?

We teach A TON in each online class, and each class is LIVE. Three months is the minimum amount of time you will need to launch pitch-perfect cause marketing for your movement.

How many people are in each Market Your Movement™ live class?

We cap each online class to ensure you get time to get feedback on your concepts and your work, both from your cohort and the founders, and so that you get your questions answered. (IE: We are not one of those online training courses with hundreds of people in a class and with no personalized attention.) 

Can more than 1 person from my company attend? Do we each need our own log-in?

Because we ensure that everyone gets personalized attention and support, we cannot allow more than 1 person from each organization to participate.

If you have a circumstance where it’s imperative that you bring your marketing lead as well, contact us for special bundled pricing.

What is your deal with Alpacas and disco balls?

Amanda flew in from Philly to visit Jen in Santa Barbara farm country, and while there she developed an obsession with a neighbor’s alpaca. Jen promised Amanda that when HigherU hit a certain revenue goal she’d buy Amanda an alpaca, and they’d throw a party . . . and every good party needs a disco ball. Make sense? (Don’t answer that.)