Episode 1 of the HigherU Market Your Movement podcast covers finding your voice and positioning for your movement.

Do you already have a social change mission behind your business? Have you tapped into the bigger momentum behind that mission, and found your own unique voice inside it?

Market Your Movement – Voice and Positioning

Jen, a farm girl, and Amanda, a city girl, have each built and scaled businesses with social change missions. Together they’ve launched HigherU, a company that helps other social change leaders scale their own movements through branding on a budget + digital marketing wizardry.

In their first podcast, they discuss breaking through the noise with your approach to marketing your movement, and what it takes to tap into the authentic forces behind your mission.

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Jen founded IdealBite – a company that tied into the environmental movement. The business attracted subscribers by catering to the middle, rather than the extremes of environmental movement which were characterized by eco-terrorists on one end, and ultra hippies on the other.

The premise was that most people did want to help environmental movements, and were eager to contribute to change if they could do so without uprooting or refocusing their entire lives in the process.

IdealBite made the environmental movement more accessible to the average person, and created the “becoming light green” phenomenon.

At HigherU, the co-founders get hands-on with social change entrepreneurs to help their progressive movements scale, and to be the best version of themselves that they and their business can become. It’s about tapping into your deep mission, your deep reason of being.

Copycats and Controversy

In the podcast Jen and Amanda also discuss business / movement copycats. Even if other companies have more funding, they just can’t replicate the authenticity that comes from being a passionate leader and mission-led organization.

When you begin to make some noise, it will also bring out contrary vibrations. This is a sign that your movement is gaining momentum. Having controversy and nay-sayers isn’t a bad thing in itself! The HigherU founders also talk about how handling the negative responses works.

IdealBite lost followers at some points by taking a stand on environmental issues that were considered controversial (like “humane veal”). Ultimately they gained thousands of subscribers though, as the debate rose to the larger blogosphere on the internet.

Remember that trying to people-please starts to drift into inauthentic territory. When you resonate, it may bring out some controversy – but that’s not a bad thing. It’s just part of the process of owning your voice, developing your brand, and ultimately, attracting the tribe.

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