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2 women. 2 movements. 2 million subscribers . . .

In 2005, Jen Boulden founded IdealBite, an environmental media company which she scaled to 900,000 subscribers and sold to Disney for $20M.

In 2009, Amanda Steinberg founded DailyWorth, a startup focused on elevating women’s role in our economy.

Amanda hired Jen as her coach to learn a similar blueprint for success. It worked! Amanda grew DailyWorth to 1.2 million subscribers, and sold to HerMoney Media in 2017. Both IdealBite and DailyWorth were—at their core—movements that grew by growing their email lists.



“HigherU’s Market Your Movement program is so comprehensive and really one of a kind…it’s helped make all the difference in building awareness, excitement (and donations) for our cause.”

~ Barbara Savage, Tribal Trust Foundation

“HigherU’s training course guided me out beyond my comfort zone, leading to a huge breakthrough in how I position my brand. Now it has a much greater appeal, and my tribe has expanded by leaps and bounds.”

~ David Newman, Musician